Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Okay, I am going to give this blog thing a try. I find it kind of funny since it takes me months to put out a newsletter but here I go. I am home after weeks on the road and a trip to NJ to help my mom move into a new home after 38 years. A tough time since we were all missing my dad but he was definitely with us in spirit. Ray and I rented a UHaul to take home some of mom's beautiful antiques. I have a new (old) bedroom set which I just love. The headboard and dresser are beautiful wood pieces from the 1800s with hand-painted cherubs and the goddess Diana. She also gave me two wonderful antique porcelain lamps with depictions of the Bacchus rites. After some research, we found out that they are from the Capodimonte studios in Naples!!! I think they found the right home - just beautiful. In the process of moving these new pieces into our home, we have been cleaning out attics, closets and getting rid of quite a bit. I find it very refreshing - kind of a new start with old memories from my childhood.

But today it is back to beading (yeah!) and working on some new pieces. One is for the Ireland Beadventure in 2010. Macha's Torc is almost finished and it has been quite an experience. The final product is almost never how I envisioned it when I started the design. It's like giving birth!

I am also so excited about the Beading by the Bay retreat in San Francisco next March with Marcia DeCoster and Jean Campbell. Once I figure out how to post the event photos, I will do so but in the meantime, visit the beautiful website for any info. The site is: www.beadingbythe bay.com.

The weather here is gorgeous! The air conditioning is finally off, windows wide open, and slight hints of Autumn - my favorite season.