Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Class on CraftEdu

Hello Everyone!

I have been home for a few weeks now and loving it. I have been organizing and cleaning! I can actually work in my studio with two working tables. I also have an idea of my inventory - imagine that.

Tomorrow I have a new workshop going up on CraftEdu (www.craftedu.com). Mosaic Chain Cuff is now an online class. This cuff was inspired by an ancient mosaic motif. What I love about the CraftEdu format is I can offer this workshop in three sessions so that everyone can concentrate on one portion of the workshop at a time. Check it out tomorrow and join my community page at www.craftedu.com.

The website for Beading by the Bay is up - www.beadingbythebay.com. I had such a great time last year with Marcia DeCoster, Jean Campbell, and Susan Kazarian and all of the gals who attended. I am looking forward to next March. My project is called Olivia and is inspired by the gold crowns worn in ancient Rome - big surprise, huh?

Today it is off to clean out the attic. I started the other day and found 3 kilos of vintage Venetian beads!!! Who knows what I will find today!