Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Class on CraftEdu

Hello Everyone!

I have been home for a few weeks now and loving it. I have been organizing and cleaning! I can actually work in my studio with two working tables. I also have an idea of my inventory - imagine that.

Tomorrow I have a new workshop going up on CraftEdu (www.craftedu.com). Mosaic Chain Cuff is now an online class. This cuff was inspired by an ancient mosaic motif. What I love about the CraftEdu format is I can offer this workshop in three sessions so that everyone can concentrate on one portion of the workshop at a time. Check it out tomorrow and join my community page at www.craftedu.com.

The website for Beading by the Bay is up - www.beadingbythebay.com. I had such a great time last year with Marcia DeCoster, Jean Campbell, and Susan Kazarian and all of the gals who attended. I am looking forward to next March. My project is called Olivia and is inspired by the gold crowns worn in ancient Rome - big surprise, huh?

Today it is off to clean out the attic. I started the other day and found 3 kilos of vintage Venetian beads!!! Who knows what I will find today!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

West Coast Tour!

Every summer I visit some spots on the West coast to teach and do shows. I love coming to Seattle. I was in town to do the Bellevue ArtsFair and stayed with my dear dear friends Kathy and Peter Dannerbeck. Kathy helped me at the show - I don't know how I could ever do it without her. She is the best! I got to see a lot of old friends - thanks for coming by!

After the show, we went up to Peter and Kathy's beautiful home on Camano Island. What a great place to unwind and work. The views of Puget Sound are breathtaking. I spend the day making more inventory for San Francisco and then wine on the deck at sunset where we sit and solve all of the world's problems - you can all rest easy now! We had dinner one night with friends of Kat's and Peter's. Jeannie & Barry made a wonderful dinner and we sang old pirate shanty's - yes pirate shanty's - until the wee hours.

Tracy Stanley came up for a visit and lunch. I always love spending time with her. She brought her dog, Bogart. Corbin (Kathy's dog) and Bogart became great friends. After lunch we beaded and I actually saw Tracy work with seed beads again!!!!! She was one of my first teachers for beadweaving but then became a master with wirework. It was fun to see her with those little beads.

Tomorrow it is off to Newbury Park to teach at Creative Castle and see one of my favorite people - Carole Tripp. Although I hate to leave here, I am excited to see Carole and Roger and the gang at Creative Castle!

I will also be posting new classes on CraftEdu in the next few weeks - Mosaic Chain Cuff and probably Castellani Necklace.

Ciao for now!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Project for Ireland

I have been busy working on projects for the book and for the Beadventure (www.beadventures.com) in Ireland in September. I finally finished the necklace called Macha. I am looking forward to returning to Ireland to see Cheryl and teach for Beadventure. My first trip to Ireland was with Beadventure some time ago so it is a special place for me.

I also just finished another project for the book called Artemisia. I know the earrings are large but I just love big earrings! They were inspired by the inlaid Cosmati floors found in the churches here in Italy.

Two classes are now on CraftEdu (www.craftedu.com) - Scepter Beads and Coin Pearl Earrings. More projects will follow for this online workshop website. Donna Kato has done a wonderful job putting this all together.

I am returning home tomorrow refreshed and with new ideas - can't wait to get in the studio!

Ciao for now!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tracy & Maggie In Italy

Hello Everyone! What a great trip Tracy Stanley and I are having in Italy. It took more than a volcano to keep Tracy and my Beadventure group from coming. Tracy taught a wonderful workshop in Montefiridolfi in Tuscany. We stayed at a lovely villa/winery and had a great group of people. I fell in love with Siena and the history behind the Palio. We met with Dario Castagno (author of many books about Tuscany) and had a delightful time.

Tracy and I are now in Naples and just returned from Pompeii and Oplonti with Aldo. I am so enjoying seeing designs and motifs from a metal artist perspective (Tracy not me).

Pictures to follow soon. Tomorrow it is off to downtown Naples and then off to Capri!