Monday, May 3, 2010

Tracy & Maggie In Italy

Hello Everyone! What a great trip Tracy Stanley and I are having in Italy. It took more than a volcano to keep Tracy and my Beadventure group from coming. Tracy taught a wonderful workshop in Montefiridolfi in Tuscany. We stayed at a lovely villa/winery and had a great group of people. I fell in love with Siena and the history behind the Palio. We met with Dario Castagno (author of many books about Tuscany) and had a delightful time.

Tracy and I are now in Naples and just returned from Pompeii and Oplonti with Aldo. I am so enjoying seeing designs and motifs from a metal artist perspective (Tracy not me).

Pictures to follow soon. Tomorrow it is off to downtown Naples and then off to Capri!


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  1. Hi Maggie! Great to see that you have wonderful time with Tracy. Wishing we were there... Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely enjoyed meeting you in Rome, and wished we could spend more time together.
    Hope you decide to come to Australia soon.
    And can't wait for your book!